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As she headed to work, Talia’s mind was consumed with the latest dare Mason had suggested, the latest one she seriously was considering. It wasn’t...that his other dares were no good, but it’s like when you taste wine - you know the right one when you taste it. Well, she knew the right dare when she read it. It involved giving Peter a note. Basically giving him some power over her, transferring it from Mason in a rather ingenious way. The note would start “I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve had impure. I was happy to see a bush of bright red hair come to light on my face. I got even more excited, as I knew who this was. She took over holding my legs, then started to ride my face. I stuck my tongue in her hole, and let her go for broke. She came a couple more times, then slid forward, so that her asshole was right over my tongue. I knew what she wanted. I slid my tongue as far up her pooper as it would go. The mouth on my cock had been steadily deepthroating the whole time, and I couldn't take. Kenny, why did you even tell me she called you? Now, I just have more things to worry about, things that I don't have any control over how they turn out." I told you because you should know. I never tried to hide the fact that I loved Shirley a lot when she was here. If I already knew for certain that I'd choose Shirley if she came back, would you want me to tell you?" No. I wouldn't want you to tell me. I already get up every morning wondering if this is going to be the day we end it. With. Now as she was talking to us my help and I noticed that she was wearing some type of shorts, and a loose, oversized Vee neck tee shirt without a bra, and could tell this because her nipples were nice and hard. I looked at my help and asked him if he would like some coffee? Yes, thank you. So once done putting out the windows we headed in for coffee.As we went into the house, she told us to have a seat as she was getting our coffee cups and cream and sugar. He and I just sat there watching her.

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Sucking Cock

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Maal in suit

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Sexy On Cam

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