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Yet none of it made any sense as he was an incrediblyskilled woodworker and brilliant craftsman, a talent he'd inherited fromhis father who'd also won...many awards at several Irish county fairs andagricultural shows as well.He did tell me once in a moment of drunken confidence that his mother wasvery poor and why he always had to take a lot of cash with him whenever hedrove up to see her in a small rented cottage deep in the countryside ofCounty Galway, and why obviously he'd occasionally then. "Gerry started at the picture from seven years earlier. He still hadshort hair then, cut in a traditional young man's style and the colorwas his natural, light, mousy brown. He wore a suit coat and a tie inthe picture. Underneath was his name, 'Gerald L. Wentworth, Jr.,' andhis senior quote, which he'd taken from a pretentious Song by The MoodyBlues, 'Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before. Just what thetruth is, I can't say any more."Gerry looked up at Bob Williams, uncertain as to. " No, it won't. The Colony will pay for this call. I just wanted you to know that we have had a great time here, but things have happened that we did not expect, and as a result, we will be staying on Rehome longer than we anticipated." I see," said her father, "Nothing serious, I hope." It depends on what you think of as serious, Daddy. I regard it as nice serious. I am speaking to you from the Governor's Mansion, where we spent last night. He and his family have been very helpful. They would. I hate Mrs. Hanson too, for she blames me for everything. Maybe I should feel a little guilty. I prevented Jake from pulling out, but there are some things you just can't do. Mr. Hanson has been a little nicer to us. He comes to the trailer and talks to us at least, but only when he knows his wife won't find out.Thanksgiving is coming. This has always been a major holiday for both Jake and me. We are hoping to be invited home by one of our parents. This is the first time I have ever seen Jake.

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