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As she said, she wants to taste him. She takes his tip into her mouth, trying to catch his cum, and keeps on working his shaft with her hands. Steve c...n’t hold it any longer. He ejaculates into her mouth and Marie swallows his load. Overly proud of herself she opens her mouth and shows Steve that there is nothing left. He lets his hand slide through her hair down to her neck as he says, “Good girl,” like he was talking to a cat. Marie’s cheeks turn bright red as she realizes how much she enjoys. Both for the extra money and for the orgasm I knew I'd have if just from masturbating while Tim watched. Rolling off me, he seemed content with a short blowjob to clean his cock and to watch me pad about in my garter, stockings and high heels. Fixing us another drink, I took Tim his and told him I was going to use the powder room. Carrying my drink and hand bag I went into the bathroom but left the door open so we could talk.Opening my legs wider than my usual stance while brushing out my hair. Voh baar baar aawajen nikalne laga aur baar baar kehne laga..oh shit sonia i love u so much..oh fuck i love it do it do it sonia..dnt stop. Main aur jor se uska lund hilane lagi. Voh aur siskiyon bhari aawaj mein kehne do..aur kar..yess oh shit..kitna acha lag raha hai..yes do it..oh shit i love u so much…yeh bolte hi uske lund se safed paani chut gaya jo pura jameen pe gir gaya aur mere hath pe bhi.Uske baad hum vaha se nikal gaye aur hamara relationship as a girlfriend. Except for 2. Me and His name was John. He was an handsome boy and one all the girls giggled for during school. Both He and I were always getting the girls to giggle for us at school and we loved the attention. John lived around the block and just like me was as straight as it comes (no pun intended). It was very late now like 3:30am and we had noticed that the other 3 boys had passed out in various places on the other couches and we were in our sleeping bags next to each other on the floor.

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