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The blood was pounding in my ears as I "semi" raced up the isle to see more of this vision of a woman. As I turned the corner all I was greeted to was...empty isle, so I backed up and when to the next one. Same emptiness. Little voice in my mind said "Missed, again." It almost took effort to get back to my shopping but I did. I did get hopeful as I peeked around the next few corners but nothing. I tryed to even listen for her heel taps but the musack was a bit too loud. I was startled a few. Suddenly I get a attention from a young boy and he is slim handsome and has light mustache and wearing a formal dress and looking good. Girls age of his age are definitely fall for him. I too looked at him. Because there is no good guy there. He came near where I parked my car and react like waiting for bus. He is stealing glance at me. I looked myself my pallu is misplaced and my cleavage is visible. I dont care about it. He is attractive and makes me to look at him. I noticed him, he has two. "So, I was chilling in my bus, drinking a mountain dew, and my manager called and told me that girl was here. I told him to let her in. She came walking in and damn, she looked hot as hell. I said, "Hey, you sexy girl, come sit on DarkViperFartSniffer 's lap, and tell me your name." She said, "Well, you big stud, my name is Scarlet, and I had this dream of farting on the face of a rocker like you." I was stunned. She strateled me and proceeded to get out a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs. She told. Many return. Pinky and I were told to pack our gear because we would be moving to another cell block in the morning. We were to move from “G” block to “D” block which was where the inmates who held essential jobs were housed and were rarely put on lockdown. “D” block residents were free to roam the block 24/7. This was the block where Jerry was housed and I figured he used his considerable influence to get us in there. The main population called it “queer block,” and we were excited to make.

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