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Jon had gotten up early and made breakfast for his sister, his mother had gone on one of her "vacations" the night before, which all his life had been...code for going to the city for a week or two to party. Since his father had died, she had done this about every other month. The only thing different about the day is that it was his little sister's birthday, so he had gotten up early and put in extra effort. He had always thought that his sister, Alisha, was a very attractive young lady, a. I did not feel self-conscious in front of Louis forI knew he was much more interested in the lanky male Jean Paul than thisfleshy new feminine one. Also, my mind was still not completelyadjusted to my new circumstances. It still wasn't quite real that thiswas me and so I could look at the nude woman in the mirror withscientific detachment. Even objective science could arrive at no other judgment but that theyoung woman in the mirror was beautiful. A living symphony of youngwomanhood. Oh,. Potter helped her back to the chair as the double hospital doors swung closed. "It's okay, Kathy, you did fine. I'm sorry, I had the prod set too high. Are you all right?"The love-struck girl sobbed. "I just want him back. I just want him ba--" Ho, ho, what's going on here?" Officer Ray burst into the room. The jolly policeman put his hand on Kathy's shoulder. "What's wrong little lady, ol' Barnesee too tough for ya?" Hush, Ray," Mrs. Potter scolded. "The young lady's in love and I'm afraid. “Oh, I wish my mum was like you both. I would fuck her and torture her 24X7, 365 days,” Ryan said in amusement.“Well, if your mum was like us then maybe you two could shift in with us and we all could have some fun together,” Alex told him“I can’t believe I am getting drilled by my own son and his friend both. I don’t want this to stop ever,” Amy said with glaze in her eyes“Don’t worry, I won’t ever stop fucking that pussy of yours, and I want you to be my slaves for life,” Alex said“Don’t.

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