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Once the elevator opened, I noticed that it was packed and I had to squeeze my naked body in there somehow. On the way down I could not help but notic... that I had several hands on my breast, pussy and butt. I just figured that it would not make any difference if I said anything, so I just kept looking at the door while I was getting groped. The elevator stopped at the lobby most of the people in their got out. Most of the hands on my ass and pussy disappeared with the crowd. We went down two. This was a lot of effort for him, I could tell."I never wanted to be like this. I never asked to be different. I've wished I was straight, I've wished I was gay; I've wished I was fucking dead." He smiled, weakly. "None of it ever came true, of course. All I know is that when I look in the mirror I see someone I despise."I tried to interject, to tell him it wasn't all bad, but he interrupted me."You know what it's like? I watch other people - girls - talking to each other, talking to me, doing. " But aren't you worried that--" Jason, I'm terrified!" Cassie cried. Jason stopped typing. "I-I'm absolutely frightened out of my wits that I'll get into her mind and never get back out if Mann discovers me."Jason stared at the Book on the floor. The eye seemed to stare at him in mockery."I'm afraid that if anyone helps me, they'll be pulled in as well," Cassie said. "I just don't know if this link is strong enough to--"Jason stood and kicked the Book, sending it tumbling across the floor.. After we had parked I climbed out as she walked up and held out my hand to make an introduction. Hello Maam, Im- Was all I managed before she threw her arms around me and hugged me tight, an experience that was altogether new to me. As I stared at her in startled amazement she looked up at me with kind blue eyes several shades brighter than her husbands and said, I know hon, youre Johnny. Im Janice. Welcome home. The thing I remember most as I look back on that moment was the kind smiles that.

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