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No......not anything sexual, let me say it this way, if I had stayed, I would probably still be in jail. My father was abusive and I couldn't take it...any more and left. His brother, my uncle let me move in with him and my aunt. It was a sweet deal, I paid no rent and all I had to do was help out with yard work and some minor repairs he was always doing so he paid me a small weekly stipend ($6/hr.....good money back then when the minimum wage was $3.35/hr) and let me drink whatever I wanted. I could her Rhiannon trying to protest it as Lauren moved down and grabbed my dick guiding it to Rhiannon’s puckered hole. As the head of my dick nudged it I pushed forward but it just slipped up above and along her pussy lips, I pulled back Lauren grabbed my dick again and guided it to her asshole, I pushed forward again, this time the head slipped in and I heard Rhiannon scream in pain.Katie had finished cumming and was laying on top of Rhiannon now. I told her to get so Lauren could take her. Right now I'm planning on staying at momma and papa's house. We'll see how it goes. Jamie offered to set me up in Charlie's house because it would be more convenient for my me. I haven't decided yet whether to take him up on the offer. I'll have to give it some more thought. I have a feeling the river house would be a better place for him to entertain. Not as many prying eyes as at Charlie's house but I do think he was considering me when he made the offer and not his shacking. I said I am hard right now. She said what does that mean. I said you are 23 and you don’t know what that is? She said no. Tell me. I thought she might not like it and said nothing leave it. She got upset and turned her face in opposite direction. I said sorry baby. She said lets go home now. I am angry.I kept my hand on her shoulder and one on her breast and pulled her close and kissed her we kissed for a little while and I was squeezing her boobs on her dress. She was moaning saying aryan.

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20170726 140950

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Desi Threesome

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