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She raises her legs, interlocking her ankles behind my back. Her hands grasp the back of my head. “God, you are driving me crazy.”Our tongues slow...y interweave, as our rhythm remains the same. As I push inside, her hips thrust upward. Her breathing increases and with a quiver in her voice, she whispers, “Fuck me fast and hard, I’m really close.”As I slowly withdraw and then return inside her, I say, “Let’s keep this tempo another minute and see where you are.”She pulls my mouth to hers, kissing. She smiled at me, her eyes half closed, and let her head rest on my chest. After a few minutes, I couldn't take it anymore and had to ask. "Mum?" Mm?" She moaned."Di-did I do it ok?"She worked herself up so that she was looking at my face. "My Darling boy,"I saw the serious look on her face, looked into her eyes."You father and many of my old boyfriends used to love licking my pussy. They really liked sucking me, like you were doing, running there tongue from my arse to my pussy and back."I. She has 36 size boobs she is very very fair and pink I love her underarms her short skirts she looks amazing her long black hair her black eyes her eyebrows she is true beauty.After our trip Sasha called me up one day she wanted to have oral sex with me that was her fantasy I told her sure baby I too love you so much that for you anything. We planned that when her husband was out of station on a business trip we will meet so we planned to meet and one day her hubby went out of town for working. ‘It won’t be like it used to be. We’ve both changed a lot since,’ I argued ‘and you might not be ready yet’ ‘I am ready, I’m so ready, I’m just sick of the loneliness’ she cried out, tears beginning to swell again. ‘So am I’ I replied, then she leaned in and I kissed her deeply. We hugged and kissed, a few tears from each of us drip down to our mouths as we continue our new union. She stops, grabs my head and leans around the side. ‘Make love to me’ she whispered in my ear. I want nothing more,.

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Mahi tango Show

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