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And if that was true, then I’d be interfering in a way which would offend me if someone tried to interfere with me in that way.I checked my watch an... it was still too early for lunch, and I didn’t really have anyone I wanted to see. I was sure Amelia was home, but Janie and I were not on the best of terms, and I really didn’t want to run into her. It was going to be bad enough working with her at Christmas. It struck me as funny that I’d been home for a day and was already missing my friends. I. “You like being slapped with dick, like a naughty little slut?” he asked, in a low demeaning voice. “Mmm fuck yeah, slap me with that fat dick!” I said in a soft slutty tone. I open my mouth, stuck out my tongue and his cock slapped against it. “Yeah, take that dick,” he said, gritting his teeth. At this point I could barely see his face, for his balls were dangling above my eyes. He slid back slightly and tilted my head back as he pushed his cock into my mouth. After a few shallow thrusts. My grandparents also left me a cash bequest of twenty thousand. It bothered me that I never knew about the trust and was never able to properly thank them.I used part of the twenty thousand to set me up in an off campus apartment, but other than that sophomore year was more of the same. I still saw Bonnie two or three times a week and when I wasn't seeing her I could usually be seen with one of the girls that Bonnie had talked me up to. Life was good, but every once in a while I would be. She asked what I did everyday in the cubicle. There was not a lot to say, as I had a porn mag next to me. She asked if that was really what I did each day – wank over the magazine and over her. What could I say, what could I do. There was no denying it, so I told her that this was what I loved to do.She told me to wank in front of her – and if I refused then she would go to the house master. So I got my cock out while she stood there and I started pulling myself off. She smiled, opened her legs.

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