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....I was lookin her way pretending not to notice her frustration when she had obviously had enough and decided that it must be time to go to plan B. ... I didnt mind this one bit because this meant she ripped her shirt open and flashed me right there and then. My cock which was semi hard before now sprung to full attention and tryin to hide it in my school uniform was like trying to hide the sun. She saw this and slid over to my side"let me help u with that" she offeredI was happy to let. Audette looked at it curiously. “What’s this?”“A gift,” Vondi smiled. “For your trip.”“Okay,” Audette said slowly, dragging the word out to a few seconds. “What is it?”Vondi shook her head. She grabbed Audette’s hand and put the bundle into it. “Look at it and find out.”The younger girl opened the small, dark parcel. It was a long glove, made of thick, hard leather dyed almost black. The fingers and palm were supple, but the back of the glove was thicker and harder. The thickness and hardness. ” The commander in question looked Ariana up and down, appraising her with his ocean-blue eyes. “Let her go. Leave us be.” The guard looked at the Commander incredulously, but knew well not to disregard a direct order. He roughly let go of Ariana’s hair, and scuttled away, lifting the beginnings of a headache she had been feeling from the unwanted contact. “Why do you passage so desperately? Are you a convict?” asked the blonde man. “What does it matter to you?” She barked back. “Well, I am. The bulb was going in and out faster and juice was oozing out around it and spreading on her pussy. She became wetter and squishy noises could be heard. Dylan stopped the in and out movement and pushed the dildo further in and started a twisting motion. Her hips bucked really hard now. With every twist a loud moan escaped her lips, she seemed to be in another world away from Elin and her room. She moved the dildo faster and the moans came faster too. Suddenly it all stopped with Dylan’s hips.

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Cute sucking

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