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Lynn couldn't believe it when Eric came to him saying he needed more in his life. They had been together for so long.Lynn met Eric at college where he...was majoring in interior design and Eric was an aspiring architect. Lynn was twenty-one and Eric was twenty at the time. They met at the Gay/Lesbian Club at the university. Lynn remembered that day so well.Eric came onto him in the club's lounge. Lynn was immediately smitten by this gorgeous man. Eric had jet black hair, and golden brown eyes. He. My instructor was a 35 yr man and he was just perfect to teach. But he quarreled with the manager of the institute for some salary hike or so and left the job. My situation became worse but the manager promised he would bring someone as soon as he can. Days passed and I spend time by playing games or doing earlier lessons. One day he told he arranged one for me and will come today. I went to my cabin and started playing Road Rash .After a while a good looking lady came near me. She was very. This woman, this voice was like a goddess to him and he worshipped every part of her, she would call at obscure times and he would make himself immediately available to her, her “little toy” she called him. He climbed out of bed and dressed; he grabbed his car and house keys and headed out the door. The drive seemed to take forever but when he turned the corner towards her apartment he could feel his heart beat rapidly increase and his genitals twitch. He parked the car and walked to the. I close my eyes tight as the feeling of penetration rides up my spine like a golden amber wave. Flickers of light and memories s**tter across my eyes. Hands run through my hair again, and a cock rubs against my mouth. My lips part of their own volition and the warm hazy smell of a human being in close proximity to my face overwhelmes my senses. I hear voices but the music drowns out any meaning to the words. Only their tone conveys any meaning. The cock in my mouth shudders and floods me with.

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