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"Mom really did mean that thing for you? She wants you to stick, your, uh, your thing in that?"Aunt Patty laughed. "You're allowed to say penis, baby ...irl." Her face turned really red. "Your mother and I were afraid you would be hurt if we made love late in her pregnancy when you were on the way. This was just her goofy way of telling me you're going to have a little brother or sister." She giggled. "Tell you what. If you ever want to try it, it'll be in my top dresser drawer. Okay?"I smiled. "I raised the leg of my boxers and began flexing my thigh muscles."Damn they're ripped." He reached out and ran a finger along the striations. "I'm impressed. Glutes." I began flexing my ass. "Nice. Good work. Now I see why Alex has been hitting that."My breath caught in my throat hearing the name. While I wouldn't say we were dating, I had been regularly having what I thought was discreet sex with a guy named Alex. He was a frat brother of Mark and Justin's but he had told me he was also. Maine aab halkese meri jebbh bahar nikalkar chut ki lakeer pe ghumayi vaise vo ekdam sahar uthi aur chatpatane lage kya kar rahe ho jaidi aja kutee vo aab galiya bakane lagi mai bhi shouk ho gaya magar laga raha aab mai ne janbuchake muh piche hataya tab usne saara jar lagakar mere muh ko chut pe dabaya aab mai bhi bahut garam ho chuka tha too maine unki chut mai puri jeebh ghusate chusne laga avo bhi maje se mere baalo mai hath ghumate jannat ka maja lene lage sitkartee chatpatate maza lene. So please forgive me if I'm a little skeptical now. It is a wonderful offer and I really do appreciate it." she said."I can see your point, and I was ready for that. I have taken you on as a patient, Elizabeth, and told you when we first met I was not going to give up on you until we fixed the problem. So either way, you and I will be seeing a lot of each other for a long time - especially since hypnosis hasn't seemed to work. Let's do this then - you come to live with me on a trial basis for.

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