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I had to. Little One assisted me the only way she could. We were both exhausted by the time it was over. If she had been a part of my unit, I would ha...e given her a commendation. As it is, I can only give her my love and humble thanks. I will not have her censured for her actions, he finished as he tried to rein in his temper.After a couple of seconds, Jeff took a breath, wondering if he had overstepped. Suddenly he was hit with so much love from the Ship that his mind struggled to understand. I'd kept my distance during the church service in an attempt to not be recognised, but now my skin prickles in discomfort as I'm led past their outward contempt towards a diminutive woman and two men. With blonde hair and green eyes, there's no doubt that this is my Master's mother, despite never meeting previously. The men beside her, both around their thirties, with dashingly good looks, I assume are his brothers, despite their auburn hair. No introductions are offered."Mother..." Ah, Liam. The only time I would talk to her was on the phone.One day I cleared the office and called Flesha in to talk about how thing where going in jrotc. Seen she was one of my commanders. Knew since I was the commander I couldn’t have anyone find out. As she left out the door she asked me if I want to come over her house for dinner that night. She Yeah no problemI said LT send the staff back inSir yes Sir The staff came back in the office and ate lunch and got ready for command inspection and. Slowly, I pump my hand up and down my swollen shaft as I watch Erikka swirl her tongue over the banana tip.The slurping sounds coming from Erikka are getting louder as she licks and sucks on her make believe cock.“Mmm, Mr. Bradely, give me your cum.”Erikka slides her mouth down to the base of the banana, then back up slowly.I can’t take it anymore, Erikka has been doing this the last two weeks every day after school. I am no longer able to contain myself and I walk in.Smiling, Erikka says, “I.

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