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She reckoned that Mr. Robinson was a lucky man to have such a trim looking female sleeping next to him each night. It seemed a shame that her many yea...s of prim and proper spousal virtue would be ruined in short shrift by a band of depraved pirates subjecting her to an orgy of "heels over her head" pounding.She could not imagine the torment the woman would suffer to see her four daughters literally brought to their knees by the dangerous pirate crew. The only female on board who might find the. I gagged as the penis throbbed against the back of my throat. My eyes began to well up, but I was unperturbed and looked straight into papa’s eyes.“Uffff… your mother never did this to me..” papa moaned as I began bobbing my head up and down, giving him the best blowjob I could. I opened the zip of my nighty and exposed my horny tits. My tits had gotten firm and my nipples were erect.Papa reached out to my tits like a kid to a candy and held them both firmly. He began pinching and twisting my. Itna bol kar mamy-papa chale gaye or main muskura kar santosh ko dekhne laga or wo Sharma kar dekh rahi thi sham tak sab thik tha hamne kuch nahi kiya ab raat ko hume ek sath hi sona tha. Hum dono ne raat ka khana khaya or bed par aa gaye main santosh ko dekh kar hasne laga to wo Boli bahut hasi aa rahi hai maine kaha nahi hasunga kapde utaro na usne kaha mujhse nahi utarte apne aap utar le main khush ho gaya or eke k kar uske sare kapde utar diye or buri tarha se chipak gaya didi ke badan se. So whyelse would they have attracted me?I wanted to shoot my load. Chances were someone elsewould come wandering out just to get some fresh air. Isped up my rhythm. Here you go little sister. Here’s mygift to you. It’s a wad of sperm that I’ve wanted toput inside you since you were eight years old. I’msorry it took so long. If I had only known you were sohorny for it I wouldn’t have waited. I’m also sorrythis will probably be the last load of my sperm.

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