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." Just at this point, she started to ride my really hard cock."Oh my god, I can feel your huge dick throbbing inside me!!" She said while riding me.S...e started to ride my dick really hard so her tits were bouncing all around, it was amazing, and we were both being very noisey, and moaning. And then she slown down, just as well because i was going to cum. She looked at me and said "I hope you don't mind" Mind what?" I askedJust at that moment, I felt something move inside her, and I felt her. I lubed his soft crack with spit and put the vibe right between his round buttocks. I gently pushed and Victor started heavy breathing and clenching his ass cheeks. I ordered him to relax and as I gently lubed that cock with more spit, I pushed it in half way. My loving husband started to cry, begging me to take it out. I had got his balls in my other hand and then I squeezed them hard. This just took his mind off the vibe effect and then I plunged it all the way deep inside his now stretched. I'd understand if you hated me. Really I would. I just..."He shook his head strenuously. "You're not a pervert babe," he assured her. "It sounds like you're bisexual. That occurs through no fault of yours and it doesn't make you a bad person." He cleared his throat a little. "To tell you the truth, this whole discussion has kind of turned me on." Turned you on?" she asked, shocked, thinking that he was putting her on. And then she looked down at his cock, which, despite the fact that he had. Rita then shaved him with an electric razor.Next they stripped the dressings off his knee and leg, gently washed them and re-dressed them. Rita handed him the flannel and said, "We'll leave you to do the intimate bits as best you can. Try and do your bum too but don't put any strain on your knee."Both nurses went outside the screen. Reg did his business and then replaced the towel. He called them back in."Success?" asked Rita.Reg nodded."Well done!" She smiled. "Wasn't as bad as you thought,.

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