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"One last thing, Corp-I mean-Sarge." Yes Boss?" asked Corp-now-Sarge brightly."I will return in two days. This whore must be dead by then. I want her ...ead!" Don't worry, Boss!" grinned the soldier, "You'll have it on a plate!"Once Umbatu left the hut no one moved a muscle. Everyone's ears strained to hear him get in his jeep and speed off into the night.Hilary swallowed hard. She couldn't bring herself to meet Corp's gloating gaze. Her eyes wandered over to the bed, where the blood-soaked Sarge. .."Aggggggg uh uhhhhhhhhhh oh, God ugh ughhhhhhhh!" The big woman was forcing her greased hand into Stacey's tight little ass. It didn't want to go but she persevered, pressing down on Stacey's back to hold her steady."AWwwwwwwww plop!!"Now both women were been gently fisted. Stacey taking the black hand of Big Mamma while she was forced to fist into Debbie's stretched wide pussy. The Boss had an excellent view as Debbie deep throated him." You fucking dirty bitches." He growled enjoying how. “I was his general until today. He tried to kill me and seize my women. Your bodyguards saved me from his forces. I wish to repay this debt.”“Any conditions?” Mark asked, striding forward.“My women are mine. Only I may touch them.”“Fine,” Mark shrugged.“Tell us about Brandon's defenses,” I said, striding up.“Yes, Living Goddess,” the Samurai answered. A smile played across his lips for a moment and his back straightened. Pride seemed to feel the man again. “I pledge myself to your service from. As she talks dirty to me, telling me she couldn't concentrate at work, all she could think about was my cock and how long it has been since she has felt my cock in her ass. But first I need that cock in my pussy. She slides back and I can feel the head of my cock pressing on her very wet pussy lips. She says are you ready, not really caring if I was or not, she sits up causing my cock to slip in her pussy. Sitting up all the way, she buries my cock deep in her, moaning out, yes, that's my cock.

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