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The cavern was black. Because the entrance was recessed, little light permeated the cave. Feeling her way along the wall, she considered the odds of f...nding anything hidden behind the inky blackness. ‘Xi, need your help. Your job of navigator ain’t finished yet!‘Xi didn’t respond, obviously still busy, so Betty continued. Leaving the safety of the solid wall, she walked directly across, trying to gauge the cavern’s width. She got about twelve feet across when she ran into something solid.“Good. June knew the thing I needed most was a mother and it was a mother's hug I got when I went through that door. And then I got an invitation to call this woman I'd known for all of thirty seconds "Mom". I suddenly had the mother I'd never had and it felt like home. In some ways, I felt more at home there than in the house I'd spent the last eleven years in.Of course, Mom was only part of the equation. Neither her acceptance of me because of Jack or my desire to have a mother's love took Mary into. She looked delighted with what was happening, at the gift I was giving her. As I stopped spurting I covered my crotch with my hands, my head hanging low. I had never in my life felt so ashamed as now. Alexia had me where she wanted, and she wasn't going to let it finish now. “What happened baby?” the voice was purring. “Digby baby, don't be shy. Look at me.” I could hardly hold her gaze. She looked ecstatic. “Look at me in the eyes and tell me what happened.” I mumbled something back, but she. ..please don’t arrest me” and he leans in close to whisper in your ear while grabbing your ass " anything cock boy" only a feeble " yes sir anything" comes from your mouth. Then before you know it he has pulled your tight underwear down to your ankles, the cool night breeze is now blowing against your ass and cock. He spits on your cock rubbing it rough for a few precious seconds before moving on to your ass, then seizing your hand shoving it inside his pants and shouting "ya want that down.

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