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So, I calmed down, knowing that I wasn’t going toget completely wet at least. I walked around the barnto the doors, staying clearly under its ev...s as the rainpoured. I knew that I had to be the one to go back tothe camp tomorrow, since I had been the one to walk awayin anger. So, I had lost the fight. I came to the big, sliding barn door and pushed itopen slightly. I looked inside and waited awhile for myeyes to adjust to the darkness. Just then there was aflash of lightning, and in a. I had just finished cooking dinner, and was setting up the table to eat. My mom and dad weren't home, but that was normal for them to not arrive till around 9pm anyway. I was walking down the hallway to Eli's room, to tell him to come eat, I knocked on his door, and to my surprise it swung open. He wasn't in his room but something I saw lying on his bed caught my attention and pulled me in. Lying on his bed was an old shoebox that looked as if it had been stepped on quite a few times. On the. " Go HOME, John."John nodded and quickly stepped past his friend before he stopped."I don't have a car here."Ted kept his eyes locked on Sharon."Then walk."Without a word, John disappeared from the kitchen and a few seconds later, Sharon heard the front door close. Ted made no move towards Sharon, nor did he say anything. He just kept ... looking at her. She felt horribly exposed and unnerved under his gaze."Ted..." Did he lay with you?"Sharon gasped. "John? No! Ted, please..." Is the baby even. Eventually, it was too much for me. I couldn't resist the urge to touch her. Cautiously, I slid my hand up her side, lightly grazing her breast. My fingers brushed over her nipple in what I hoped seemed like a casual, unintentional motion. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I would get. I heard a sudden intake of breath followed by a slow exhale. Figuring that sounded like a positive reaction, I kept moving my hand up. I wrapped it over her shoulder, pulling her closer to me. She leaned back.

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Randi on hotel 2 1:03

Randi on hotel 2

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