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Every other time I had been invited in by the husband during online discussions on several bulletin boards in my local area. I had found out that the ...nly thing harder than finding swinging partners as a single male was to be a married male swinging without his wife. Seldom does anyone give you a chance to explain why you're swinging alone! BBS's and chat pages were perfect for this. But never had I been seduced into a threesome by someone I didn't know or had never talked to! Last night had. Shit. Oh fuck," she cried, but kept rubbing her pussy with her fingers.Then, as I forced my flow to stop, my hand was jerking my prick fast now. I moved closer to her as her piss dribbled out of her pussy, at last, and her hand reached up to take me in hand. I pressed forward and her mouth opened. Her fingers had stopped spreading her pussy lips and she was now fingering herself.I gripped her dark wavy hair and let her lick my prick up and down with her tongue tasting my meat and my piss. I was. ”Ah wasn’t sure what she meant so Ah just said OK and went to sleep. Ah usually rubs my tallywhacker until the white stuff shoots out but that don’t seem perlite to do in front of company.A while later Ah was having a dream that somebody was foolin around with my pecker. God damn, it was Sarah Jo! She was a holdin my balls and her mouth was right over the head of it. Ah never felt something like that and it was real good. She looked up at me in the moonlight and commenced to doing other things. We chatted a few minutes but nothing more and I didn't think about it as anything more then an employer-employee relationship. That was until the forth saturday Teadora showed up. I had been out drinking the night before, and was very hungover! Now when I'm hungover, I get super horny! I don't know why, I just do and that saturday was no exception! To make matters even worse, Teadora showed up in tight spandex shorts, and a loose fitting t-shirt. When she came into the kitchen where I was.

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