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She couldn’t bear to see more. But then she saw the woman stand up and the reflection of the sun on her hair was breathtaking. Jane found herself su...denly unable to look away. She was fascinated by the sensuality of the scene. Jane’s eyes flew open wide when she saw the woman slide her short blue jean skirt up over her lusciously curvy hips and left it gathered around her waist exposing a lacy black thong. The man never took his eyes off her as she proceeded to remove the thong revealing a. “Come and sit beside me Roger, while we watch. Sarah is a very exciting woman. Her ass is magnificent. And take your jeans off so me and my boys can compare,” Agata tells me.Instead of taking them off, I slowly undo the zipper as I hold eye contact with her with the boys watching and tease my very erect cock and balls out to flaunt it for her. “Wow, look at this boys, even bigger than you and thick, very thick,” Agata teases as she slides a hand along my erection. Minutes later Sarah is. G it was such a turnon. After a while he stopped licking the vibe and started sniffing around at the sheets getting closer and closer to my pussy, I was just spellbound and I realy wanted to see what he would do. He found it!! his cold nose sniffed at my pussy and I nearly jumped with the shock even though I was watching him. I was about to stop him and whosh him out of the room when his tongue darted into me, O.M.F.G it was amazing, so warm and rough in the most sensual way possible, I couldnt. And leather cuffs hold her wrists together, and kept her arms taunt above her head. Her torso was naked, but she could feel she wore tights, panties, and shoes. As far as she could guess, they were her own clothes. She felt a rough wall against her back... obviously there was some fabric between her buttocks and the wall, not just her panties and tights. Her captor(ess?) had let her keep her skirt too.Suddenly, she heard a muffled buzz, and she felt a column of hot air in front of her. She.

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