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"Sophia!" I called as I knocked at her cabin door, "Wake up, the boat's sinking!" The door flew open almost instantly and my younger sister stood ther..., her face a mask of terror as my words sunk in. "We've got to get to the lifeboat!" I yelled over the continued groaning of the boat. Wordlessly my sister rushed past me, hurrying up onto the deck. Turning around I grabbed one of the survival kits my father always kept hidden in his locker then made my way back to the deck. As I stepped out onto. Oh he probably just wants to humiliate me by me giving her to him. I thought I just did that when I was sucking his cock. I began to undress Deena starting with her blouse then her skirt. I helped her with her bra, and then her panties. I was kneeling on the floor as she was stepping of out them I couldn’t help but see her large mound of pubic hair. I really love looking at how it is so large and can cover a perfect triangular. She looked down at me and softly quired, “You know you will never. . After that, I locked the door, kicked off my shoes, walked over opened the sliding glass doors, and stepped out on the balcony. Oh, my, God, the view took my breath away, it was better than the pictures in the brochure. I could see the white sandy beach, stretching for miles on either side of the hotel. White sails dotted the blue waters, and a few sunbathers were scattered along its shore. I made a mental note to check it out later as I needed a nap.Since the bed was right by the window, I. She would tease and then prance out of the bar, the bitches would sigh with relief while the guys would groan with disappointment. Only it wasn't going to go that way tonight. Not this night because this cunt had a date with nine inches of cunt ripper.I made my move and acted shy, I knew she would like that. First I bought her a drink and slipped just a little pill in it. After she had drunk a good portion of the cocktail, I stumbled over the words until she said "Let's dance." It was a fast.

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