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I then walked into the bedroom. My wife was on the bed with a big terrycloth robe on. She said who is it, and why did you let him in? I replied he to fix the cable. I winked and said he was darn cute, she would love him. Again she put on the angry look; I can't do it she said. I could never be that forward with a stranger. I said I would handle everything, just relax and then I turned to walk out of the door. She said get rid of him quick. I went into the other room and explained to my. Bret and Fred got out and walked to the back of the truck, I got out of the side door of the Van naked. My husband was hiding in the Van and watched me naked walk up kneel down grabbing both of there cocks stroking then sucking their big cocks. Bret sat down on the bumper of his truck I bent over sucking his big cock as Fred ran his hands over my ass slipping his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. They both asked me is my husband was in the Van …I did not answer them I just spread my legs wider. I laid in the bed thinking of Bobby's mom her boobs and pussy and got hard again. I ended up going back to the bathroom 2 more times and jerking off into her panties. They were a little messy then and I kind of balled them up and hoped she would not notice.The next morning Bobby's mom was making breakfast as usual and when Bobby and I had taken showers her clothes were no longer in the bathroom. There was nothing unusual about the conversation that morning although I did notice Bobby's mom was. Ab men use fool chodne ke mood me tha.Wapis main uski tango ke bich aa gaya aur apna lund uski chut me ghusane lag. Uski gili chut aur cream ki vajah se mera aadha lund chut me chala gaya. Use bahut dard hone laga aur kahane lagi raj bahot dard ho raha hai. Pls use nikal do. Par me kaha maan ne vala tha. Maine uske dono haath apne haatho me jakad liye aur apna moonh uske hotho pe laga diya. Aur use chusne laga. Ab use bhi thoda achha lagne laga tha. Mene der na karte huve ek jor se dhakka diya.

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