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“Thomas” she yelled out again as if trying to resist him. “What are you” and then she yelled something else. “Stop that! Stop it now Thomas�...� and as she yelled it, loud enough for anyone out in the corridors to hear her, she messed up her hair, she messed up her blouse, and she messed up her skirt and pulled off a shoe. He sat there staring at her. He was dumbfounded. He was absolutely shocked at what she had done. She looked a mess. He couldn’t defend himself and he knew it. She stood up. She. We decided to meet in Barista over coffee at inorbit Mall one weekend.As per the schedule, I arrived at the inorbit Mall at the annointed hour. I walked in Barista and ordered a Caffe Frappe. Soon a lady walked in with her kid and the kid’s caretaker and ordered Latte. Our eyes met and we instinctively recognised each other. She gave a restrained smile and came over to my table.“Ashu Beta”, she said, “this is Sandeep Uncle, my very good friend from office. Say Hi to him”. “Hello Sandeep Uncle”,. He put some pressure on the bridge of Dexter’s nose for two minutes. He then removed the packing and checked to see if there was any more blood. There wasn’t. He felt around the nose and then declared that it wasn’t broken. Dexter already knew that.After picking up the medical supplies, the EMT said that he needed to see Dexter’s driving license. Wondering why the man needed it, Dexter handed it to him.About the time the EMT backed away, a police officer was there. After getting Dexter’s name. Instead, I was in another void, but instead of inky black, this one was bright white!In front of me was another woman, at least I thought. She had green hair in pigtails and a nimble effeminate flat-chested build. Her pink eyes watched me with mild concern and she was wearing only a pair of shorts and a flowy barely concealing shirt. A pair of glorious white wings extended from her back.“Awawawa! I didn't manage to stop them! But you shouldn't have listened to the creepy voices in the dark in.

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Bang from behind 0:35

Bang from behind

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Indian Bombshell

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Mridula bhabhi 3

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