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She held her hand over Mikee's head, pointing down, and shook her own head several times. Then she stepped behind Traci, pointed down, and nodded vigo...ously.Cinnamon slapped my arm with a backhand that I didn't see coming. It felt like the fastball I'd taken in the shoulder during playoffs. The damn pitcher from Olympia hit me in the same spot twice during the game."Hold it, buster! Have you ever stopped to consider just how lucky you are to have a sister?" Her eyes jumped from mine to each. Come to settle what we never finished... or does he have some other intention.(He suddenly slashes at the dojo wall with all his might, barely cracking it.)Kenshin (thinking): Saitou Hajime's skill with the sword hasn't waned at all from the time when he was called the Miburo... with the reverse blade... without killing... could I defeat him... (realizing what he's done) Oh no! (Miss Kaoru's going to scold me for this.)(the next day, at another restaurant)Waitress: There you are. Please take. I browse through the sales rack, finding a few corsets and garter sets my size. A cute girl with her headset on approaches me. She has nice boobs and a pretty face and I notice her name is Sarah. “May I start a dressing room for you?” she asks. “Sure,” I respond. “The name is Jamie.” She walks away and I look at her butt as she takes my lingerie to a room. It’s cute, small, and firm. I take note of it and watch her as I continue shopping. I walk around touching the panties, getting more turned. “Would you pour me a nice glass of wine Sir, please?” “Of course I’m sure You chose well and that it suits the meal” inexpertly he opened the cork, though managed not to spill any, the measure he poured was large, was it just inexperience with wine or was he trying to get Her tipsy...? “Thanks Sir a nice large glass, cheers Sir” and She smiled raising Her glass to him. “Slainte is that what You say? Just elderflower presse for me,to an exciting holiday…” and they clinked their glasses. .

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