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Some figured that he hated you, because of some weird issue between him and your parents. Some thought he truly did the best he could when he saw the ...verwhelming odds against you at Ostagar, and then went mad with guilt. Others thought that perhaps..." I hesitated. What the hell, I'm curious too. " ... the battle didn't, uh, go according to plan, and between your line moving up too far and the beacon being lit too late, he could see that there was no chance to save you." I could see Theron. " Before she can answer the question my whip is slapping into her ass. One cheek, then the other. "Are you a good girl?" "No," she says. "That's right. What are you? What kind of girl are you?" There is no hesitation. She knows the answer, somewhere, deep down. "I am a slut!" "You are a slut. A filthy, filthy slut. Turn around. Get down on your knees." She does. "Unzip my pants. Take my cock out." She does. My cock is erect, especially in her warm hands. I guide my cock to her mouth. She. It just works really does."I slammed back my whiskey chaser. The aged Talisker bit at the back of my throat."Two days ago this would have blown my mind, " I said, "But now it just seems like the way things are meant to be."He held up his glass of whiskey and I picked up my second. We clinked glasses and downed the Scottish delicacy. For the next hour we happily went about talking to random people - some receptive, most not. It wasn't just girls. We struck up conversations with some. I got rid of my bra and then posed. As soon as the photographer was about to say something I myself dragged off my jeans and started to pose in panty only. He smiled and said that’s great to me. After few clicks as he stopped the camera I removed my panty too. Few clicks followed and then he asked me to sit on the table. As I sat he asked me to fold my knees and spread my thighs. I did as directed and he clicked me like that, later he turned me on fours and clicked from front and back sides..

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Wet dog chut

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