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And I said “Cait, we have to go” but she couldn't take her eyes off it and I was sure she had some crazy pictures in her head right now and I said...“Cait, we have to go!” again.So she shut the door and locked it and threw the key back on the bed and I said “You can't take that” and she was still holding the strap-on and she said “Oh I'm taking it” and I said “They'll know” and she said “They have a bunch of them in there” and I said “But...” and she said “Remember the one you had? You had to. When Vinnie was completely naked in front of me, it made me shiver for a moment. Hefting his cock as if I was testing its weight, I started fondling and slowly jacking him off. That first time we didn't suck each other off. We just slipped our erect cocks in each other’s' mouths and sucked for a few seconds. I remember that, after trying it with each other, we talked about how it felt. Not only to have a warm wet wrapped mouth around our dicks, but also how it felt to have that hard piece of. Sorry."She grinned, saying, "Actually, I take it as a compliment, always have, ever since Howard Carney first saw me like this. He had the same reaction. It's nice to know that I haven't lost my feminine charms." Well, it's nice to see my neighbor in such a new and, quite exciting, way." I thought you nudists never had naughty thoughts. Though I've been reading some of those forums and stuff and, well, I guess that's rather wrong. All that skin seems to stir things up from what I've read."I. Its not long before I feel her start to clench around my finger, cumming. I lick her pussy lazily and feel Josh groan, no doubt cumming in her mouth. I hear her swallow and as I sit back on the bed she gets on her knees and looks at me, leaning forward and kissing me hard. Im surprised but happily kiss her back, allowing her to taste herself on my mouth. I open my legs and feel fingers rubbing at my once again wet slit and I open my legs wider, wanting to feel more. I gasp as I feel a cock at.

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