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“I thought so too until now.” she turned and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “I thought this place was the most beautiful place in...the world but now seeing you here with me it is now more beautiful and more perfect than I could have imagined.”as she looked deep at me her expression went from questioning to embarrassed joy. After a moment she said, “so why did you want to walk down here?” “It’s obvious of course, I thought we might want to take a nice swim!” with that I took her in. M. was entitled: The Boys in The Band. The strapline for this movie: ‘Definitely not a musical,’ had me totally intrigued. Although the movie had first been released eight years before, being the movie fanatic that I had always been, I bought a ticket and entered the auditorium. Little did I realize as I did so, that I was about to watch one of the iconic early gay movies.Once the movie started I was completely gobsmacked. It was about a gathering of gay men who meet at a friend’s apartment for. But that afternoon was when I was going to Mrs. Cole’s house. I hopped into my car and drove over there.I was surprised when I got to Mrs. Cole’s house because the door was unlocked. Thinking nothing of it, I went inside and called to Mrs. Cole.“Mrs. Cole, I’m here!” I yelled.“The tools are in the kitchen-,” she replied from upstairs. “-along with a list of what needs done.” I grabbed the tools and the list and proceeded outside to do what needed to be done (mow lawn, rake leaves, trim trees,. " Nope," said Carole Ann. "I was coming down as soon as he left..." It figures ... go with David, Carole," demanded Grace.We walked ... it's only 2 and a half blocks. I sent Carole Ann on ahead while I stopped in at the Austin cottage to see if Lucy Lou wanted anything. She did ... my dime, of course.At the Antler, Frank and Ernie were tending and cooking. Carole wanted two, I wanted two, Grace would want two but only eat one, Lucy Lou wanted three. She'd only eat one but CharlesB was well on.

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