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Ak sal bad decembr ka month tha thand bi achi khasi te or anni or richer hmry ghar ayy or hmy apni anniversary pr invite kiya to ham ny kha zaror ayn ...ay lakin phr agy hi din mujy company ka kam s yak week ka liya dosry city jana par gaya to ma ny anni ko excuse kiya or kha ka rani zaror ay ge or ma subha hi nikal gaya dophr ma anni ai rani sy milny to rani ny us sy pocha ka anni tmy kya gift chaiya apni anniversary pr to us phly to anni ny kha kuch ni baby bs tm ajana phr kuch dair bad anni. We already had two practice runs without a single hitch so no one expected any real problems. We assumed that the victory celebration would be the most eventful part of our effort.The bank still had some old legacy IBM equipment in place. Well, the older stuff presented the highest risk, of course, and it made sense that I would be given the hands on responsibility for those systems. This included a bunch of work stations, RJE terminals, network servers and the operator consoles for the two. When she does though, she freezes. Her voice immediately catches in her throat as she takes in the goddess of all cows ever in existence.“Well, hey there. You okay?” It is Buttercup, the Morning Milk icon and Belle’s hero. She is all black save for the speckle of white in all the right places. And while not naked, she should be. She is wearing a simply red bra the merely supports her breasts while letting them hang out for the whole world to gawk at. Then there is the matching panties held over. . Shecould set up her own shop.She had a hard time keeping it all secret from Andrew. She could nothowever disguise her weight loss but he was loving it and thought it wasfor his benefit.Mistress Jo-Anne then told her to overhaul her wardrobe. Lots of shortskirts and tight low neckline tops. Out with all her comfy pants and inwith lacy thongs. Out with tights and in with hold ups and garter belts.Her heels all became higher. Her make up more pronounced even slutty.Karen could not believe her.

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