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He sighed at seeing the many scratches on her lovely body.’I am sorry to let this happen.’ ‘Leyla was very upset at me.’ ‘You carry my child...’ Ali looked at her. He pressed a warm palm to her belly and smiled.’You will give me a beautiful child, no doubt.’ Talise smiled.’I hope so.’ He cupped her full breasts through her jeweled bodice. Talise felt her body react.’I will send Leyla away,’ Ali told her. ‘ You are mine in every way now. We must marry.’ Her heart jumped.’What’? She couldn’t. Truth be told my sister hasn’t really been in many relationships. She has mostly focused on school and dance and steered clear of the drama relationships bring.I decided to let the matter go and sit down at my computer to play a game. It wasn’t until I realized it was dark out that I noticed I had been playing for 5 hours. I decided to go down and eat something. As I was walking down the stairs I noticed a pair of shoes at the base of the stairs I recognized. My sister’s friend Karter was here.. To my surprise he said I would absolutely love to peg you hard. I kind of laughed it off and ten he said how about we play strip pool. I said no way, then he said but you are so good surely I can’t beat you plus you have an advantage because you have more clothing then I do. This is where I really regretted not wearing underwear, but I had no idea any of this would happen.I asked how he wanted to play he said an article of clothing per game shirt, pants, panties, bra for me shirt, shorts,. I wish I thought of bringing a glass with me. I was really starting to get nervous as this guy didn’t seem to want to stop.I don’t know how long he fucked her ass but it seemed like days. This guy had some stamina and Chrissy loves a hard body with stamina. She is like the Eveready Bunny, she just keeps going and going and going.Eventually I heard him say he couldn’t last much longer, hell, me either. I could easily hear Chrissy tell him to cum in her ass. He gave out a grunt and I could tell.

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