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‘Have you been drinking? Your breath smells like a brewery.’ She asked after sitting down, as her long brown hair slightly swished in the fanned air, and her green eyes peered deeply into his. Now as he thought back on it, he could picture clearly the full beauty that her womanhood had been as she sat there on the old soft brown couch with her legs crossed, wearing the blue jean shorts, that revealed her smooth freshly shaven legs, and the white t-shirt tied in such a way to reveal. We've given him our expert training, but we need you to verify his quality for us. I'm afraid we've both become a bit biased as to his abilities. Some of us more than others." This last comment headed directly at Quyen, who blushed.Kiana merely smiled as she paced forwards, shrugging out of her suit coat. "Well, he sure is a lot better looking than those dirty old men on Capitol Hill."I knew I was gaping in awe at Kiana's beauty, but quickly regained my composure and intended to impress. I. I was thinking with your persuasive talking ability you could become a fourth DJ.’ ‘Won’t that leave you an engineer short again?’ ‘I think we can work around it. I suggest you go and meet the others at the station over the road and talk it over with them. You go on air tomorrow.’ With that he turned and left. I looked at Sue, a bemused look upon my face matching the one she was wearing. ‘Well, I suppose we’d better go and find the others and see what they say.’ I said. Sue nodded in. Wanting to move things to a new level, he immediately reached for her panties. After the slightest hesitation, she raised her hips to help him and he pulled them on off. Looking back at what the garment had concealed, he drew in his breath sharply. Again this woman astonished him. First, because he was surprised at the level of her excitement. Her labia were open and engorged and awash in her juices. But also because he realized that her luxurious black hair and eyebrows were the only hair on.

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