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The feel of His hand on my cheek only makes my lust for Him stronger. i am filled in every orifice, stretched beyond belief and yet i want Him deeper ...n my throat! i want to taste His cum and feel it on my skin. the three of them have at His whore. i am His whore, His property and i am being used. the chill begins again and i hear Him say "CUM FOR ME!" my cunt throbs, my ass throbs and i gush and soak everything around me! as my cunt and ass begin to tighten on the cocks inside me He tells them. "I almost got angry before I stopped myself. I had once been asinnocent and naive as Todd was. On that very night, with Mary Jo. Thenight I told everyone I had lost my virginity. I had gone offpremature. And Mary hadn't cared. Even when I took her home laterthat evening disappointed, Mary didn't say a word to anyone. I couldonly act the same toward Todd. For, despite how incredibly horny Istill felt. Despite my own frustration, I could not take it out onhim."It's okay..." I said. "But. Kanik por to speed ta ato bariya dilo jeno rasta korar dreel mashin duke gache amar gude. Ore baba s ki jor tapache amar gude. Amar muk bada tai amar muk diya sudu ukukukukukukuk kore awaj ber hoche ar temon kat ta te kach kach awaj hoche. Ami j ar parchi na nite se kota e ba k sunbe ar andokare to kichu dekteo pachi na. Mone hoy 20 minit tibro tapon kawar por puro bara ta chepe dukiya dorlo amar gude. Mone holo abar ball 2to bodoy duke jabe. Tar sate birjo to delei jache delei jache. Pry 5min. If you can do it until your birthday then your gift will be a lifetime with me as your bride. If you can’t then we’ll cross that bridge but I am going to do everything I can to ensure that you remain motivated to behave exactly as you are being instructed.”“You make it sound like I am like a slave, Elaine” I observed.She smiled. It was an uncomfortable pause that left me waiting for confirmation of what I had started to suspect the way she said I’d be addressing her as Ma’am and obeying her.

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Shayan sidique 2 2:04

Shayan sidique 2

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