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At the end ofthe chapter he's given the bill for his new clothes and now, he has towork it off.I thought the days after my supervisor Chaz and his gir...friend Debbiecaught me viewing cuckold websites on the company's computer andblackmailed me into sucking Chaz's cock instead of being fired wererough. Then I went over to Debbie's house and had to serve both her andChaz dressed as their sissy bitch. She super glued breast forms on me,locked my clothes in a trunk, dressed me and made me up to look. Emily was already over 21, and she was telling me all about her one night stand pick ups from the bar. She was keeping score that she slept with 38 guys so far since the semester started, which made me jealous.Emily and I prepared in the afternoon and headed to a spa. We had a full body wax, massage, facial treatment, manicure, pedicure, had our hairs done. I wore a black mini skirt with a long slit on each side, covering only half my ass. I didn’t wear any panties. On top, I wore a very tight. The effects of the bath are quickly beginning to take their effects.“We want you to seduce us,” Rob abruptly says.Page gives the bearded man a confused look.“What he means is we want you to talk dirty,” Zayne explains. “Play with yourself. Make us want you.”A dirty grin spreads across Rob’s face as he starts rubbing his crotch through his pants. Page shrugs. Why not? She begins by running her fingers through her folds, while putting her other hand to use pinching and pulling on her nipples.. Hard. I doubled over. Both started giggling."Let's try that again, faggot. When I ask, 'Do you like to wrestle?' You say, 'I love to wrestle!'"I love to wrestle." Really?"Suddenly she picked me up and twirled me in the air, letting me drop flat on my face on the mat. She was as strong as her mother. Dazed, suddenly she was sitting on my face. Her cunt had a ripe funky aroma."Smell my cunt, faggot!" He's hard! His little wang is all stiff, Tonya!"Her sister had pulled down my panties and was.

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