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" He could tell by my hesitation that I wasn't sure I wanted to do this. Tony said, "You still have the same 3 choices. Do you want me to leave?" I sh...ok my head no and Tony said, "Then remove your pants." What was I doing here? Why didn’t I grab my shirt and bolt for the door? Was it the movie that aroused me so much or his commanding voice? I felt like I was in a state of confusion as I kicked my shoes off and then started undoing my pants. Just as I got my pants half way down a 2nd guy. My hands were exploring her back and caressing all over. Oh!! GOD! She is really wonderful. I was feeling as I was in heaven. She is too soft man toooooo softtttt. The heat started building up and I just cupped her sweet soft ass in my hands over her kameez and she moaned gently. I just could not control myself and just brought my hands over her breasts and felt them in my hands over her clothes caressing them softly and squeezing them. A small moan came out of my mouth. It was so soft as a. Snatching my hands from my side and drawing them up behind my back, he brought my wrists together as I tried vainly to angle myself to see what he was doing. Panicking, I realised he was using the remains of my panties to bind my wrists together. Before I could comprehend this new development, he spun me around harshly until I was facing him. I was already unsteady on my legs and this sudden motion was hampered by my stumbling. Like a rag doll at his hands I was bundled around, and then f***ed. I wanted The Girls to be so frustrated with the current situation that they would be eager to change. I could feel the tension building, yet, aside from Amy, none of The Girls had become bold enough to ask me what I wanted. There was also some residual jealousy and I wasn't convinced that The Girls were ready to take things to the next level.At the same time, since arriving at Colorado College it seemed like I craved sex less or, at the very least, felt the urge to be more selective. When I'd.

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