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N I could hear her breathing become more intense with a couple if moans in between…her grip would tighten on my dick with those slight twitches n ca...m down In a minute… I was just teasing her n enjoying every part of it…I then slid my finger by the side of her panty towards her intoxicating love hole n that’s when she couldn’t control n told me to stop teasing her n start with some actual action. I told her that tonight I’m gonna make sure that I fuck you! She smiled n She said she would like. A door was unlocked and I was led into a simply, but comfortably furnished bedroom. Apart from a large double bed with an iron frame, there was a bedside cabinet, an easy chair and a low coffee table. A number of books and magazines were scattered around the room. A half-open door from the bedroom revealed an en-suite bathroom. The room was tightly shuttered from the outside, giving no indication if it was night or day, and a lamp on the bedside cabinet provided the only illumination. Once the. There was a whimper from Candy’s drooling, open mouth but she didn’t drop the ball.The man in the mask told Candy the branding was next. She whimpered and tried to move, but she was tied so tightly to the device she couldn’t move.When Susan saw the red hot poker she wanted to save her daughter. The man asked if she was ready, Candy nodded. When the poker came down on Candy’s flesh she appeared to have an orgasm as she screamed, but she never dropped the ball. Candy smiled when the man torturing. It was very dark. But, I put my vehicle on and put its light also on. As it was late night and the road was is of inner road, so at this time you can see almost empty road. I parked the vehicle on side, near to one tree and told, “do it behind tree. No one will see.” She sat behind the tree, lifted her skirt, put off her panty and started pissing. There, two boys, who were partying with us pass through us. They went somewhat forward and then came back. They stopped the vehicle and asked me, “Is.

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