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“You like being a little slut, don’t you, Chloe?” I whispered teasingly, knowing it risked a slap across the face. Her grin was positively porno...raphic. “I couldn’t say no. I feel like I wanna do dirty things with you. Be bad.” I pried her lips apart and filled her mouth with my tongue as my hands pushed the flimsy fabric of her shiny dress up the small expanse of her thighs. No panties, of course. She was like a tiny doll in my lap, all long hair and fresh curves. My hands moved under her ass,. I then grabbed each person out of their boxed and moved them into their cells. Each cell has cameras and microphones mounted in them to allow me to monitor their every word and movement, and on the doors I have posted a set of slave rules. The holding cells have a bed and portable toilet, water and wash bucket. There are larger living cells that have a small refrigerator and a computer terminal and a better bed. The girls each get their own holding cell and are not restrained in them. Tom and. I founf that she intentionally let her pallu fall from her shoulder time and again. On a couple of occasions she took time to readjust her pallu back on her shoulder to cover her boobs. Ufff….i saw the upper halves of her boobs…..her blouse was really very low cut. My lund got slight erection. I was happy that she was also reponding me equally. I started calling her ritu bhabhi. She was also addressing me ‘tum’, so i also started calling her ‘tum’..I was all the time intending to take her in my. Even though that seemed true, I was more confused than ever. I hadn’t done anything sexual with another woman in over thirty years and the first one I did it with was completely unlikely. Truthfully, I was so excited anyway that I didn’t even think about what I was doing, I just did it! Hell, my wife had conspired to make it happen! I opened my X-Hamster account, and looked at my profile. I went to the gallery I had created for my wife’s session with Bob and Sally. I hadn’t picked up on.

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Indian 14 1:40

Indian 14

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