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. that is how he got his name; at birth his feet were bigger than a two year old. Mondo means Huge... naugh it couldn't be. But … what if.......2 Shad came to Mondo, “We are running short of smoked meat, we need to hunt.” Mondo laughed and the Cats need some exercise too. Drago and Malo asked to go, I said who is going to help gurk. Malo says Toba and Leos they have already been helping him so they know what to do. Mondo decided to take all three cats runt needed to sample a had. “How many members does La Chatte Heureuse have on its books?” I ask Monique.“Several thousand and growing fast, although only the five hundred premium members are currently allowed to use the facilities here. It’s the only way we’ve been able to avoid becoming swamped with members wanting to stay here. But with the reopening of the main house, we’re about to remove that restriction and allow all members access to the island. It will probably be difficult for a few months until more of the. "That's exactly what I expect. The only way to defend a community is if everyone acts together. And this threat isn't something being brought in by strangers from the outside, it's affecting your neighbors. Just remember, that could just as easily have been you," David reminded them. "Now, I'll help, but the first thing you have to realize is how to minimize the risks. Clearly, leaving dead bodies on the street is a bad idea, but burning down the homes of anyone with a sick person inside is. You entered it three times you say?”“Four, I am still on the first floor. My next run on will be my last before going down a floor. That isn’t something that I am ready for.”“Can you take me in?”“Just you and me?”“Yes, you can keep everything. What you don’t know is that the other three Green Portals are all Goblins. No one has encountered any Orcs yet.”“And you need intel on them. If it is so important, why am I still in possession of it?”“We don’t care who has it. We just need the intel. The.

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