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"Any of you with your hands up there actually plant, maintain, harvest, and eat the finished product?"All but one hand dropped. Bryan looked at the ma..., who was at least ninety years old. Moving on, Bryan made note of the old man and resolved to learn from him as much as he could. Likely he had knowledge that surpassed Bryan's by leaps and bounds, whether he knew it or not."Ok, so who here has ever eaten a wild plant that they identified, picked, and ate?"Two hands shot up. One was an older. We talked every day, and at last she accepted my offer of her flying over to be with me for a couple of weeks. Our meeting at Heathrow put us in danger of us getting arrested. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and as I drove out to my place in Egham, her hand was in my lap all the way, just stroking me. Getting me ready, she called it. At the door, I picked her up in my arms, leaving her case on the doorstep and carried her straight upstairs to my bedroom where we got reacquainted in. “Nice outfit,” I said.She smiled and tugged at the edge of the sweater. “You think so?”I nodded and looked at the curtains. The old lady wasn’t going to be back until her show was over. It gave me time.I slipped around the desk and looked for the sign-in book. I found it. Unfortunately, the earliest entry was in the beginning of October. If Dad had been here, it would have been late August.“Why not use magic?” Rho asked.I glanced at her and nodded. I set the book down and then focused on a. Jab main sameer par se utari tab tak dheeraj aa cuka tha ab wo meri choot chatne laga maine us se kaha thodi der to rook jaao main thora aaram karna cahati hoon tab bhi wo meri choot chata raha thori der baad usne apni 3 finger meri choot main daali aur andar bahar karne laga usne sameer se kaha boss apna kaam ho jayega to maine poocha kaun sa kaam to usne kaha kuch nahi main aankh band kar ke leti rahi thdi der tak dheeraj aise hi karta raha fir osne dono pillo meri gand ke neeche laga diye ab.

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