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"I know - I tried it!"After a bit of arguing, Deanna convinced them to tone down the changes. Suzy finally agreed to reddish highlights in her hair, ...iving her a strawberry blonde color, and boobs that were the same size as Deanna. But Beth couldn't be convinced - she kept her F-cups and narrowed waist. Deanna laughed - she knew Beth would be back tomorrow to get them reduced!Beth and Suzy continued to admire their new assets as Deanna drove back to the mall. Then Beth glanced up at Deanna.. Aunty ne mujhe dekha pr kch kaha nhi. Fir hum movie liye or mere room pe wapas aagaye. Room pe aate hi rahul movie dekhne laga or mai bathroom me jake muth mar k aaya. Mai uski mom ko bhul hi nhi paa raha tha. Aise hi kch din beet gaye. Mai rahul ki maa ko chone k liye tadap raha tha. Maine soch liya ki ab usko chod k rahunga. Maine rahul k ghar aana jaana shuru kr diya.Mai uski maa k nahane k tym uske ghar jata fir koi na koi bahana kr k uski maa ko dekhne jata is ummid me ki fir se use nanga. Three or four of the regulars gathered around trying to get a look at thehicky but Chrissie was covering it up with her hand. "Come on guys leaveme alone. It ain't nothing," she pleaded.Seeing Chrissie's mounting embarrassment only fueled the fires ofadolescent testosterone and they began to chant, "The hicky, the hickyshow us your hicky."Chrissie knew the only way to shut them up was to move her hand and letthem all have a good look. Then the questions began and finally Chrissieadmitted. "They're not!" you assure her. She pouts in that sexy, exasperating way you still remember."Based on what you told me about yesterday, it's clear that just being around them might be problematic. Being in a large and ventilated space likely reduced its effects... presuming they're not permanent. But you should use whatever vacation time you have to skip work for now. You can't risk physical contact with anyone." When you give her a confused look, perhaps not for the reasons she's thinking, she.

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