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I didnt know how she would take it, but I sure as hell was about to find out. To my utter amazement, she didnt punish me. She simply muttered somethin... about giving me a free pass because I was new, then resumed her teachings. Many of my classmates seemed impressed by my accomplishment, but none were as adamant in their awe as Cindy. She even risked further punishment by telling me how grateful she was for my actions. Never before had anyone stood up to her and the fact that I hadnt back down. Nipple clamps were bad enough on her sensitive breasts, she didn’t want something weighing them down as well. But when he put them on her – making her groan at the sharp ache that shot through her breasts and down to her hungry pussy – she quickly understood as he flipped a little switch on the end of a wire and the clamps started to vibrate. Her breasts were stimulated even more, pink little nipples tightly gripped and buzzing with pleasure. ‘Oh Todd… this doesn’t feel like punishment…’ she. It's what she was. It stirred him and he was glad. When she was kneeling in front of him, he wanted to be so hard that he wanted it to spring out at her."Hello. You must be Mrs. Wilson. I'm Mr. Smith. Harold has told me so much about you."If anything, he was counting on her quick mind at the moment. She had demonstrated that she was quick enough in the past. She didn't fail him.Coming forward, she extended her hand. "Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Smith." She copied his inflection and. I took the job sheet out of the batch and slipped it into my pocket, I would call round to see Becca myself. Wednesday, I had college in the morning and in the afternoon I was booked in to take a proficiency course at a driving centre in Swindon which would allow me to use the new fork lift truck in the public areas,. Steve already had his certificate as well as a heavy goods driving licence and Maggie and I had sat down with him one morning and officially offered him the job of delivery driver.

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Bengali Boudi

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Cutiii wife

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