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The year was 2008. I heard there was a strip club outside of Toronto that was all shemales. The club was celebrating its 5th anniversary and I take the hour and half drive north of the border. I arrived early in the afternoon thanks to my directions from Mapquest and went down the basement stairs. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the bouncer/bartender and a beautiful black goddess. I paid my cover, and ordered a beer. “My name is Ashley, want to go for a dance?” She. There were a number of pictures of beautiful women in some very risqué outfits. One woman was wearing a red sequined dress with a cowl neckline that was low enough that you could see her belly button and flat toned stomach. Her young boobs were on display, along with a lot of leg. The next picture was of a beautiful woman wearing a long gown with a top that was so sheer she almost appeared to be topless. She also had a slit up in front of her left leg that continued all the way to her waist. It. It was hard for me to allow you to freely express your affection for me, without my own arousal becoming the result. I could feel it now, my cock getting harder underneath her. I didn’t move, just allowed you your own pleasure, whatever that was. She is a good girl, I thought, always obedient and helpful. You turned your face up to mine. Did you feel my cock? I felt a pang of alarm, and a bit of shame around the feelings I was having for you. “Grandpa?” You gently put your hand to my face, and. In this position I was getting so fucking deep inside him, I couldn't hold on much longer at this pace but I was not going to be the one to come first. Grabbing his ankle I thrust in more forcefully than he expected, his moans increased and his eyes were now closed. I took one of his ass cheeks in my hand and squeezed it firmly. He was mine now. After a few minutes of him rocking back and forth, I took his meaty uncut cock in my hand and started to jerk him off furiously. Pre-cum oozed out as I.

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