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" Joan stared in shock while they laid back on the sofa and beckoned her over. "Now, dear, it doesn't matter who you start with, but I expect you to us both cum in the next ten minutes. Or else, understand?," Gloria was obviously enjoying the expression on her face, the look of shock turning into fear, turning into acceptance. This was getting easier all the time, despite Joan's protests of how unwilling and horrified she was. Joan slowly got down on her knees in front of Gloria, put her. They sat, the background music filling the empty space their silenceleft. Victoria reveled in the intimacy of James's vulnerability. Shedecided to tease him a little. "A little misogynistic, don't youthink?" Yeah, I guess," James replied softly. "You didn't ask for leastembarrassing."Victoria leaned in and whispered huskily in his ear, "That's okay,that's actually really sexy."The mixed confusion and alleviation on his face was palpable. He liftedhis gaze to meet hers and recognized obvious. His body stiffened and Jane squealed as his prick jetted spurt after spurt of his cum up into her body.She was close, so close, so when her brother in law eased a finger up into her tiny rosebud, the orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer. Her lips drew back over her teeth, her eyes went wider than she ever thought possible and she jerked uncontrollably at the force of it.Gradually they came to their senses still locked in their embrace, Jane kissed him longingly and stroked his sun blackened. When mom came off the phone she was saying how dad will be back tomorrow so we better enjoy the last day of being nude as he will be back in the early hours of the morning, I said to her "of course we will"we had finished breakfast and had cleaned up the kitchen, it was not a very nice day outside it had been raining all night, it was the first day we had rain since dad was away we were both sat watching some television both of us unsure what to do."I'm just going for a shower mom there is.

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