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" They're stalking us?" Probably..." Do they do this often?" Captain, I was a drunk ... people talk around me. They're sure I won't remember. I rememb...r." What?" A group of Imperial Navy officers were meeting some American arms merchants in a bar in Saigon. The Japs wanted a German submarine ... the Yanks had one. This would have been ten years or so ago." Scottie ruminated. "The officers were saying something about trading in the islands ... and eliminating the competition. Japanese. "What you doing, this is wrong! You're my mam!" Its ok sweety, I just love you so much, you've grown up to be a handsome young man"I'm still half heartedly resisting by moving her hand away from my crotch but I eventually give up and stop. She moves her hand up my groin until she finally touches it ever so slightly."I just love you so much son" Oh my god...I love mam" Let me see it please" Okay, just for a little while though"I pull down my boxers shorts to reveal my massive hard cock. I'm in. In between kids coming up, the guy said his name was Ray, and that his buddy, the other Santa, had asked him to fill in today, because he wasn't feeling well. This Santa was a little more "handsy" than the other guy, and Abby noticed that he liked to put his arm around her waist when he talked to her, and even seemed to be feeling her ass under the skirt a couple of times when she was standing next to his chair, waiting for one of the kids to come up. She didn't mind, as he was smiling and. He told Lexi about using her as the focus of our naughty thoughts. Who knew that would lead to actually making arrangements for this? The plan was simple. Paul would meet Lexi first and consummate their hots for each other. After, I would meet her over dinner, and see if she and I hit it off. Then my flight was delayed and I missed dinner. Dizzy from deciphering phantasm versus reality, I could not tear my gaze from them on the bed. Burning with lust, I rid myself of my clothes, crawled onto.

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Sri Lanka

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