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. ……aaaaah ……ooooohhhh..phach…phach ….phach …aaaiiiii….phach…phach. Bahut hi mazaa aa raha tha. Main bhi chooter uchhal uchhaal kar ...ske dhakkon ka jabaab de rahi thi. Her dakke ke saath Viki ka ek foot lumba lund meri pyaasi choot mein jar tak samaa jata. Aaj tak kisi mard ne mujhe is tarah nahin choda tha. Aakhir Viki mujhe chodne wala teesra marad tha. Viki ke dumdaar dhakkon ke kaaran main phir jhar gayi. Main Viki ke rus ke liye paagal ho rahi thi. Jub tak uska luada meri choot ko apne. Because every day, the peasants and the downtrodden showed that they were better people then the soulless scum that claimed to be their betters. The way that they did small kindnesses to each other, endlessly. Small kindnesses were all they could afford, of course, but that’s because the largess needed for big kindness came with too many strings, too many hidden hooks.Nobles never did things for the right reasons, she argued. It was all calculated. All minimum effort to maximum glory hogging.. At that point it sprouts a mass of flaming tentacles which weave themselves into two arms and two legs, vaguely humanoid but regardless of any sexual features. The body was composed of molten energy hardened into physical form. A flaming tongue flickered out of its lipless mouth before a faint but imposing voice began to grasp at your senses "Sorry for waking you my dear, I am Verimph chaos deity of the mind. Honored as keeper of memories, Engineer of the hyperdimensional energy construct, a. Greg now picked up the pace and with a loud groan hammered his hot cum deep into my arse. "Oh fuck yeh, her arse is amazing, so tight and warm, it’s better than a pussy" gasped Greg. "It won’t be tight when I’ve finished with it" laughed Ali. I pushed his cock from my mouth and screamed "no way Ali you are to big, forget it, the rest of you are all too big". "Stop playing hard to get you slut, you know you want it" replied Ali. "No, no way you are not fucking me" I screamed, I was drawing.

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