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She wanted to tell someone and be told that she was not a wicked woman, but she couldn’t, not even her best friend Sally. So she kept it to herself,...using those moments alone to picture what it would be like, her fingers making her even more aroused as she imagined Clara’s soft touch on her. One day she phoned in sick to work and after she’d done the school run drove to the station and took the train to town. She spent the day browsing clothes and lingerie shops and trying various things on. She slapped Jasmine's ass before spreading her cheeks, exposing her tight asshole. "I can't wait to fuck this perfect ass", Cadence said. "But first, I'm going to destroy that popular pussy of yours."Jasmine bit her lip in anticipation as she looked back at Cadence, wondering why she had never noticed how sexy she was. Especially those big titties and that massive cock between her legs. Then again, Jasmine rarely noticed other girls, except to torment them. And she had certainly never felt any. I can't believe I had sex with my cousin three different times since he had moved in. And I loved it. What was wrong with me?And the worst part ... or maybe the best part was that I wanted him to fuck me again.Yesterday he had come into the bathroom while I was showering and pushed his way into the shower with me. And since I didn't think he would actually come into my room, I was hoping he might join me in the shower again.I jumped out of bed and quickly stripped out my PJ's. I opened my. She seemed to enjoy it and was always willing to let me have a go but I had never been able to figure out what really got her motor running. Guess I had now.The weird thing about this time was that she didn’t drop the puppy act, growling and barking until we both came. She came so hard that she passed out for a few minutes.That set the scene for many of our future sessions. Puppy play became a normal weekend event, sometimes even a week night event too is she’d had a particularly stressful day..

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