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Len turned on the music and she started to once again dance around the room. She would come up to the men sitting on the beds and put her ass in ther... face and she let a few of them look down the from of the coveralls. One of the guys yelled fuck yes she has gorgeous tits. and sat back down to enjoy the rest of the show.My wife then threw one of the guys the hard hat that she was wearing. He long blond hair came out and cascaded down to the middle of her back. This was greeted with cheers. ’ in a deep, somber voice. It worked. She put her hand to her chest, nodded her head significantly, and went on. ‘Yes, you’re quite right or course, he always …’, she continued, and I blocked her out, reduced her rambling to white noise in the back of my mind. It didn’t help much, still annoying. I wonder if there was a way to tell her about the cheese without being inapropriate. Certainly not while I’m supposedly listening to her ramble. Ah, it’s coming to an end. Now to finish it off with a. I was at ease with everything. But, having Jerry that close to me stirred my emotions even more. I started questioning myself of what I was feeling. Sifting through my thoughts, I realized a question from earlier that Jerry had asked me. He asked me if "I liked it." Internally, I just answered his question. Yes, I did like it. I lowered my head from the side of his shoulder as our hug evolved into an embrace. I was resting my head on Jerry's chest. I started feeling strong sexual urges and they. . it was impossible the black silk was spread out over a large portion of the tree. All the lines led into the interior of the branches. There was no way to untangle it ... I had to leave it. That meant I had to be a long way away by dawn. I had noticed a road to the North. I was thinking if I landed in Belgium I had the additional problem of having the border. The pilot had called out when we crossed the Meuse River which means it is close either way. By Dead reckoning I had seen Mountains.

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