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(Incidentally, a less well known consequence of this holy hurricane was that it caused Lucifer, God's favorite angel, to quit his post as God's errand...boy, and flee as far from Heaven as possible.)And God said, Let the Earth bring forth trees bearing fruit, plants bearing pollen, and other green life. And the Lord God sneezed and saw that, hayfever excluded, it was pretty damn good for a first try. And God said, in a hoarse beer-befuddled slur, the trees and plants are catchy, but they are not. She removed her top and asked for the lotion so she would not burn those perfect breasts. I, of course being a gentleman, offered my services as the lotion boy. A little lotion on my hands and I was on my way to an exciting evening. Knowing how sensitive her breasts and nipples are I approached with a chesire cat grin in hopes of things to come. I sat in front of her and started on her shoulders. Rubbing the lotion over her strap marks and then down her upper arms. Just then my cell phone rang.. Looking closely at the shiny gold pole, I could see my long thin reflection staring back at me. When I reached the end of the stage I found three steps leading up to it. I mounted the stairs and felt the wetness of my pussy on the inside of my thighs. The static hiss in my ears was steadily increasing. Suddenly a song started. I couldn't remember the name of it, but I'd heard it before and I knew how it went. It started with a woman singing and I knew I had a minute before the thumping music. Sure, I was a bit of a beanpole, but not quite that bad. I figure all the exercise in basic made me lose more weight than I gained from exercising. I didn’t have any trouble with the physical side of Basic Training, I was probably in the best shape of my life somewhere in that first year in the service.I just never kept up the active lifestyle and every year I added a few more pounds. On the way up in size I was probably the most comfortable around the 200-220 pound area.I really should start.

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