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..then i tried to see what they were upto and i couldnt see her or him, I moved closer and saw the reflection in the window..she was on her knees givi...g this guy head..omg my heart was pumping and i was turned on shaking with excitement.i grabbed my crotch to my rock hard cock..i unzipped it and got it out..i started to wank furiously at what i was seeing..then she got up and grab his hand and walked back into the hallway and upstairs..i listened for a minute as she locked the bedroom door and. Our Complete Love to you both.— Anna & Bill.And that's exactly how it happened!Sunday, December 10, 2006 2:06am MSTThis ends the journey we've shared together over the last many months these words have taken to travel from my mind to your screen. It has been 1 year 11 months 6 days and 401,996 words from the first posted sentence to reach this point.To those of you who have written me along the way, you have been the true reward for writing this novel.Others of you I only know are out there. I closed my eyes and rested my hand on his wrist, kissing him back. Matt's tongue slid across mine as my breath began to deepen. We made out for around five minutes "dude" Caleb said interrupting us. I looked over at Caleb then back at matt and smiled. Matt got up and walked over to Caleb. I sat in the middle of the road and smiled, trying to keep my heart from exploding. Matt walked over to me "What are you doing sitting down there like a loser" he teased lightly. I stood up and leaned against. Should I tell my parents, they would certainly call the police. But then I would have to admit to succumbing to another man, to being overpowered by a real man's man. My word against his, me single, small, barely shaving, unable to keep any girlfriend against him, married, virile, hairy, a masculine hunk of a man. They would defiantly say I wanted it and my parents would think it too.So I decided to draw a line under it, blank it from my mind. Never ever walk near that place, let alone ever see.

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Hot threesome

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