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Miriam had long black hair, a Snow White complexion with brown eyes. I never really thought much about how tall she was, but I would guess she was bet...een 5'7" and 5'9". Her body was the thing legends are made of. Most of the time when I saw her in her back yard she was in short shorts with a knit top of some sort. I really liked the way her knit tops clung to her lovely breasts. Miriam may have been an older woman, but that didn't stop me from lusting.Knowing all this, imagine my surprise and. She only comes out during lunch time and dinner time, or when she has to go to the toilet. I wanted to find out what does she do Inside, so in the evening after dinner I told her that I was going to sleep in my room, we both went to bed, but half an hour later I came outside and went to her room door and tried to look inside through the keyhole.I saw auntie was combing her hair on the dressing table; she looked beautiful, I thought she must have slept, but she was awake and it seemed that she. After all left i went to see what she was doing. She was standing near the washbasin and washing vessels. I went near her and touched her ass. She turned back and give me a smile. I started to move my hands slowly all over her ass .she came a little back. I told her ” i have taken leave to have sex with you.’her replied i know that from the day you started to touch my ass. What will happen if your mother will know. She will not come to know.She turned around. Now she was breathing fastly i took. Empathy and sensitivity were the ideals of a saint andconsideration and modesty were what you thought of as motherly. Mark hadcreated in me a slave who would look after him like a mother and carefor him like a nun. Then be his whore.He woke me from my reverie with a, "are you okay? You've been staringoff for a while."I shook my head in a nod.He paused. "It is remarkable how you're taking this. I can't believeyou're not yelling or cursing me out. The Professor I knew could cut youdown with a.

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