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"Anything else I can get you?" she asked. "I know it's mid afternoon, but breakfast?"Ged did not feel hungry, but thought he ought to eat. He nodded.A... orderly arrived and fed him cereal and toast, and of course tea.After she had gone, he had time to take stock of his position. Physically he seemed to have mobility, but his genitals hurt and felt swollen.He looked at his hands. The right hand was completely plastered, and though he tried, he could not move any part of it beyond the wrist. The. Suddenly, the door to the shop swings open, and your eyes burst open as you hurry to look busy."Boy!" the swarthy merchant Ober says, marching into the shop. "Any sales while I was out?" No, sir," you answer in respond, bowing your head."Empty your pockets. I need to see you haven't stolen anything," Ober demands."But...!" you say in protest, before Ober raises his studded beating cane."I said empty them!"You hurry to empty your pockets, revealing them empty. Satisfied, Ober pushes you away. Hers were smaller and pointier in the middle. Alice (Lin?) who had on the bikini had tiny little breasts but I started to see that they were probably half nipple, and pretty dark, I could tell, once the bikini got wet and soaked through a little. I was dying to see them with her top off. I sat there finishing the sand castle, my legs open wide and Alice/Lin's spread legs so that our toes touched. I looked over at the gap in the middle of her bikini bottom -- she was so skinny that the thigh. .. this is yourfirst dress, sweetie. What does it feel like to wear a beautiful dresslike this? Who wouldn't want to try it on? Come on, don't tell me thefeel of this silk doesn't excite you! Run? What kind of man feelsthreatened by a dress? You need to feel what it's like when it coversyour body. Come on, this is your uniform now, try it on."The seductive voice won and I unzipped the dress and took it off thehanger before stepping into it. I found as I put my arms through thesleeves.

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MAMTA 121 – 01 19:37

MAMTA 121 – 01

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Today Exclusive- Galti 22:36

Today Exclusive- Galti

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