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Out the window ... at the ceiling again ... counted on her fingers and said, “Fourteen million, one hundred forty one thousand, one hundred forty do...lars.” She looked stunned for a bit ... sat down with a thud ... got back up ... looked at us both.“Okay ... who did you kill?”“Nobody.”There was a long drawn out pause ... with a lot of heavy breathing and looking anywhere but at her ... and I said, “But we did lie to a government official.”And Jim said, “Not exactly.”“How not exactly?”“Well .... ‘You wanted me to select you from the list?’ ‘I guess.’ ‘Was your plan only to help the Center get the money, or was there another purpose to your application?’ ‘We were hopping to help you find someone, so that the money from the will …’ ‘How would your own application help with that?’ ‘Sherrie figured that one of us … I don’t know. It was a fool stunt. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ ‘I understand. Apology accepted.’ ‘Matt,’ she changed the subject. ‘You’re not going to University.. “And the bra?” he asked.Gulping, I reached around my back to undo my bra. As I let it slide off me, I cupped my breasts to cover them.Mike smiled and walked toward me, his hands removing mine from my breasts. Leaning in he cupped my breasts from underneath, pushing them together. Lowering his head to them, he slowly circled my left nipple with his tongue before moving to my right nipple, making them harden.I gasped with pleasure as he continue to flick his tongue on my nipples, then started to. Talis’s was a whirl wind of emotions as she became lost in the moment. The feel of his fingers inside her was repulsive and pleasant all at once. Her chest crushed to dasha’s with wanton abandon making their nipples meet and rub over one another. For some reason her being a slave to Leit made it ok to find pleasure with no remorse. She knew this was so wrong yet how could something that felt so good be so wrong. Asking herself this as she tried to think clearly struggling thru a mist of.

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